Tuesday, 15 August 2017


Feeling beautiful, good, confident etc is something you can get everyday from your daily life. But feeling like a princess, a proper beauty queen in a wide skirt made of fluff and tulle, shiny reflections and your hair curled and tied up with roses is something you can only dream for the day of your life when you are the absolute protagonist.. which is of course the wedding! Also this time my selection comes from newarrivaldress where I got some great inspiration. August is the month when everyone seems to get married and pictures of beautful dresses, make up and hair is all over the web.  Being young doesn't mean not caring about something that won't happen soon.. I found some great discount wedding dresses and here's just some of the examples. There really is for every taste and wallet.. The ones I picked are all very princessy-like cause well.. that's mt genre.. but of course if you're looking for something less "dramatic" or in a different shade like ivory or just a darker tone of white all of your wishes will be realized after a scroll on the website. In other words if you're looking for a unique wedding dress you know where to go!

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

The broccoli dress

This morning I woke up super energetic, but it was just one of those summer days when you've got absolutely nothing to do. Done with my exams, just back from a fire holiday with a lot of sea salt and sun and I actually forgot how it felt to sit back and think.. what do I wanna do today? I've had in mind for so long to make myself a "broccoli dress" with a fabric from Ikea that I got ages ago and it just felt right to finally do it today. It was super easy and fast (around 3 hours) to make and it's just how I imagined it! It's such a nice feeling to have something in mind and to build it yourself from scratch, I obviously study fashion design as well so it kinda has "an extra value" for me.. but yeah, I guess you all can relate to the feeling in different things as well!
No need to say that as soon as it was done I wore it and styled it for the day. I just got these sandals (which are from a collaboration between N.21 and Kartell) from myself to myself for the end of the exams and I just love them with this dress. Considering both the pattern of the dress and the knot of the sandals I didn't really feel like wearing huge and quirky accessories (like I usually would) and I went for the cutest little earrings from astrophilia. Whenever I wear them I get so many compliments. It actually works kinda backwards for me. My friends are so used to me wearing the most eccentric and colorful accessories that they don't even notice them anymore but whenever I choose something smaller and less "extreme" I get their attention!
The bracelets are my usual go-to from when I was twelve and an other new addiction is my phone case. I got it a while ago from dessi deisgns but I haven't put it on till now cause I didn't want it to get   damaged for nothing during my exam period while I knew I could have been able to enjoy it way more during summer holidays!
Don't know about you but I really can't keep a phone cover clean and nice for long.. I usually destroy it in no more than a month and I'm way too lazy to change it as frequently as it needs so most of the time I just have old phone covers on..which is such a shame cause let be honest it's just an other thing when your phone looks clean and new.. the promise to myself is to try and treat it better.. it's just too cute to waste it!


Monday, 31 July 2017

Candy Bridesmaid

 Have you seen Kenza Zouiten's wedding pics?! She was sooo cute! The whole wedding was, from what I've been able to see from other bloggers' pics! She didn't post much to keep the ceremony intimate, I guess.. but yet what she showed us was just as good as we all expected from such a classy woman like her! I was looking forward to see the braidmaides dresses cause it's always my favourite part at weddings, plus she said a while ago that it had been hard to choose and I was just so curious.. I haven't seen them yet but I got inspired to have a look around and of course I found some great sexy braidmaides dresses that I would see 100% as the cherry on top at a wedding like Kenza's.
My favs colours at the moment are pink, purple and all their shades so these are the colours of most of the dresses I collected from newarrivaldress and here's explained the title of the post as well 😂
An other thing that I found pretty interesting and definitely unexpected is the price of braidmaides dresses.. I had the solid idea that they were (and had to be) almost as expensive as the actual bride dress.. but I got pleasantly surprised to discover that there are actually cute and cheap bridesmaid dresses out there.. not that I'm planning on getting married anytime soon but in all of us there's a bit of that childish dream of one day getting married in a white princess-like dress in a beautiful location with every little detail as perfect as possible!

Friday, 21 July 2017


 What's better than a endless trend? Call it tropical, call it summerish, call it natural but flower prints are everywhere..and they've been around for quite a while now and even if most of the trends just fade with time, when it becomes "too much" and where you can see it everywhere flower are quite the exception.  I've been looking around lately and I found some cute options on Yoins.
Maybe the reason why this trend is never ending is because of all the combinations you can create around it, it never bores you. The last addiction is pairing it with flamingos, and maybe some pop or super colourful  touches, speaking of "trend mixing" looking for fashion dresses for women online I found the cutest gingham skirt with flower embroidery and I just felt for it (is the one attached on top)  and imagining the perfect outfit I went hunting for various cute tops for women and I got some great ideas! Here's some of the dresses/skirts/tops I selected :) The thing I like the most about how they've been styling flower prints lately is how you would just not imagine it fitting for a certain kinda look.. yet it just gives it that fresh extra touch (see the gingham skirt to see what I'm speaking about ahaha) do you agree?

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Red Passion

Red is always the safe choice. It's that one colour that suits every skin tone, personality and mood. And this is only possible thanks to all the small declinations it can have. Fire red is a bit "too bold" for many people or a bit too "summerish" for a winter night out.. but you can pick a burgundy or a warmer tone of red and still have it easy! I don't know if it's just me cause I love the colour so much or if it's more common than what I think but my eyes always catch red first. If there's a dress I like and you can choose among different colours be sure I'll purchase the red one.. or at least I'll try it on before the others. Of course, as hard it is for me to imagine that, if red is just not your colour go and have a look on newarrivaldress.com. If you can imagine it.. they have it! And yes.. one dress, many colours.. red addicted satisfaction is real but actually if you're going for a certain colour cause you need something to match your shoes or theme of a wedding you couldn't have landed in a better place :)  Speaking of weddings and summer celebrations, if it's a category you're interested in I would definitely suggest you to have a look in the section of homecoming dresses 2017, they really have a great choice for special occasions!
As I told you if I can choose nothing can overcome a nice little RED dress.. but sometimes we just need that extra "elegance" and maybe black cocktail dresses can dress the look up just that little bit more you needed.. and yeah.. I spent a quile on that section of the website as well!
I feel like the empowering feeling of a dress in which you feel good, yourself and beautiful is just something that can't be given but much else. If you feel beautiful, you feel powerful and if you feel powerful you find the strength to fight for yourself and to strive for perfection and these should be feelings of our daily life. Make your life beautiful by feeling it. Everything starts with the best choice of clothing :)