Wednesday, 26 April 2017

The app series: AVG


Iphone or Android? Is one of those questions which equally divide the world into two groups.. like the half full half empty glass of water or picking between black and white.. 
Actually the division hasn't been quite even lately cause Iphone users are exponentially increasing. Of course the design of it is appealing and the camera (especially on the last ones) is awesome.. but there's an other thing that would personally make me think a lot about choosing an Iphone over an Android smartphone.. the fact that the possibilities to catch a virus on a Apple device is almost impossible.. which means you can watch videos, freely opening websites and pages without caring about the eventuality of a virus.. Well now this problem exclusive of Android phones is outclassed thanks to an  android antivirus app freely downloadable from google play and available for all the Android devices. It's a complete antivirus (like the ones on out pcs) that will just guarantee you the same safety of an Iphone without actually needing to buy one!

If you were not convinced just yet check what it will actually assured by this app and join in with the 100.000.000 people who have already downloaded the app

✔ Scan apps, games, settings and files in real-time
✔ Enable locating your lost phone via Google Maps™
✔ Kill tasks that slow down your device
✔ Monitor & Optimize battery, storage and data package usage
✔ Lock sensitive apps
✔ Hide your most-private photos in an encrypted Vault
✔ Scan WiFi networks for encryption issues, weak passwords and other threats

If you wanna know more:

Friday, 21 April 2017

The diamond hair straightener



Reading the title and watching the pictures you might think.. where's the straightening part?! Well.. did you know that if you have a professional hair straightener you can get way more than simple straight hair?
I always try new things on my hair cause I'm never fully satisfied by its simply blow-dried version..cause it's kind of a middle step between straight and wavy so I usually reach out for my hair flat iron (which is from irresistible me) and go the fast way with a super straight hair kinda look or a wavy one twisting the hair on the external side of the iron. When I feel inspired and mostly when I've got plenty of time I found out a new (and super cute) use for my flat iron. 
In this case I twisted small locks of hair around a pencil and I ironed it all. The curls came out elastic and healthy looking and it was fun and easy to do. Of course I like the curl like this but for example using a toothpick the curl will be even tighter and if you've got short hair the afro look is assured!
If you've got a flat iron like mine where you can regulate the temperature based on what you need it's even easier cause you can decide (based on how thick you hair is) how hot it needs to be for your curls to last till the next time you wash your hair :) In case you were wondering what's my hair straightener here's a picture and a link to it! 


Friday, 14 April 2017


Total black for the outfit and wisteria accessories. The weather is not at its best just yet but I'm full in the summer mood. From the watermelon phone cover, to the short sleeves and the careless of wearing more eccentric elements.. (yes the shoes might give you a clue).
I recently bought a new phone.. an iphone 7 plus.. that got stolen after two weeks.. I've been struggling for a while after that if it was worth the price to buy a new one or not.. in the end I did it and now I'm super super fussed about it and its protection, I just got this cover from Case Escape and its like the safest cover I've ever owned.. plus the pattern is so lovely and summerish and it goes perfectly with my last obsession of pink and wisteria.. reason why I haven't been able to use any bag but this from SammyDress for the last weeks. Pink is usually  paired with silver hardwear but I'm much more of a golden kinda type, unless we're speaking about rings.. which are the only jewellery or accessory in general I prefer in silver. Speaking of which do you remember when a while ago I showed you that stone ring which changed colour? Well I got an other one from the same brand which is everise. This one got a smaller stone but it's more particular in the shape with the silhoutte of a mermaid and the circular gem.
The last thing I feel like I need to mention in this post is the shoes.. I mean..they don't need much of a presentation ..the glitters speak for themselves. They're from Gamiss and they're super comfortable. When I first got them I imagined wearing them for  chilled nights out but I'm actually wearing them in the daylight as well.. Especially when I go out in the afternoon planning on not coming back home before the night.. love them!

PHONE CASE_Case Escape
STONE RING_everise

Wednesday, 22 March 2017


One more selection based on a colour! I've never actually done a white selection cause it's a colour that usually remind me of wedding dresses, especially if we're speaking about prom dresses that because of the shape and the lenght can be easily misunderstood even if in my selection I'm trying to include also some short prom dresses just to have more choice.. Of course there's nothing bad about wedding dresses but I guess there will be much more possibilities that we'll need dresses for weddings more than a dress for a special day.. By the way even if the selection is gonna be white.. which is most likely the worst colour for a wedding (since it's the bride only that needs to be in white)  and you're gonna be the bridesmaid you're looking for bridesmaid dresses remember that all of the clothes I will attach are available in many variations and just get the idea from the ones I'll post and make them yours! If I can suggest something if you're not into the white theme.. the red prom dresses are to die for! I actually had never really considered the idea of wearing full on white in any form.. a bit scared to look like an ice cream man you know? But it has been so in trend lately.. plus summer is in the air and after a grey and cold winter a fresh start is much needed and entering in the summer mood though clothes is the first way to brighten your mood.. so let's give white a try and see if it will really connect to my summer soul as much as I'd like it too!


Hi guys! Today I gotta show you some of the prettiest purple prom dresses I found on It's not only prom dresses.. is more like elegant dresses that can be adapted to maaany ceremonies. There are some pieces which are more elegant and can probably be worn only for "a special night" but there are also many less elegant garments that can actually be paired with more sporty details and accessories and can be dressed down a lot for more of a "chic everyday kinda style".
Here's some picture from the purple section I picked for you :) And don't forget that I did a selection within a category but there's actually a wide wide choice for every kind of taste.. from the baby pink princess dress to the little black dress

Saturday, 11 March 2017



It was 22 °C in Milan today which is HOT.. especially for the first days of March..and of course sunny days and nothing to do can only mean walks around the city and ice cream. I have to admit I felt particularly inspired this morning while choosing my accessories.. and I actually threw on all the new stuff I've been willing wear lately.
The long shirt is from Zara and I usually wear it with a necklace cause I feel that since the neckline is non-existent there's space for details. Today I actually decided to embellish it with one of the most beautiful pin I've honestly ever seen. The fact that make it so special is that it has been drawn by a lovely illustrator called Ohjessicajessica that gave life to this little character called Beatrice, whose a bookworm and a feels so special when there's a story behind something you're wearing!
An other little detail I'm super excited about is a new addiction to my ring collection .. you should be able to identify it straight away on my hand cause it's colour brakes through (especially in the pictures) well if you don't it's the one on my middle finger.. the reason why I said that colour is shining in the pictures and not all the time is cause it actually changes colours based on the mood.
It goes from grey/black to the warmest yellow melting among beautiful shades of blue, green and reddish pink. I actually got two of them from everise and my mum's got the other one and she's constantly checking the colour and comparing hers to mine and it's so funny to see her so amazed by the fact that it changes colour! Plus it's silver which is number one needing since rings for me are an extension of the body..I sleep and shower in them so they need to be long-lasting.
Even if the weather is super nice it still gets chilly in shady spots so I decided not to wear a jacket but to wear a beanie from tosave .It's actually such a bold and springy colour that is so nice to wear it now that the weather is so transitional, especially cause in winter I would have probably preferred some darker colours. Plus I've been recently looking for some human hair wave cause I wanna give it a twist.. any suggestion?
To close with the shoes let's just say that they are my absolute all time favorites from Gamiss and you will surely see more of them cause they're 100% my safe shoes.
Plus I've been recently looking for some human hair wave cause I wanna give it a twist.. any suggestion?



Thursday, 9 March 2017

Alligator fever

A new trend or a big comeback? Call it like you want  but alligator is back! More colorful, more edgy and definitely more fun than the old classical "grandma's handbag".
Last winter's fashion weeks where overwhelmed by it, from Coach to Tom Ford and not only in womens alligator wallets and purses but also belts (that we saw on Hermes' catwalk) and shoes.
I particularly like this collection from because of its colours,so bright and powerful. Even if the sun is not up in the sky just yet days are getting longer and we're all ready to think about sunsets on the beach and dinners in fancy garden-restaurants and even if we don't feel bold enough for a full on pink or orange outfit, a little pitch is needed and expressing our joy for summer through a colorful alligator skin handbag is just the easiest and cheapest way to feel even better on a good day.
The saturation of this collection is what really made me fall for it.. it's just not colours, it's so intense and it really puts a smile on my face thinking about pairing it with some shorts and tanned legs.
An other thing is that there's so many sizes and shapes and they're all alligator skin and in every colour. It's actually so rare to find a product that is actually like you wanted it.. how many times did we think.. oh yeah I like this shape but with that size and those colours it would have just been perfect.. 
If you wanna understand better what I'm speaking about these are some pictures from Farbodbarsum's  last collection