Tuesday, 1 August 2017

The broccoli dress

This morning I woke up super energetic, but it was just one of those summer days when you've got absolutely nothing to do. Done with my exams, just back from a fire holiday with a lot of sea salt and sun and I actually forgot how it felt to sit back and think.. what do I wanna do today? I've had in mind for so long to make myself a "broccoli dress" with a fabric from Ikea that I got ages ago and it just felt right to finally do it today. It was super easy and fast (around 3 hours) to make and it's just how I imagined it! It's such a nice feeling to have something in mind and to build it yourself from scratch, I obviously study fashion design as well so it kinda has "an extra value" for me.. but yeah, I guess you all can relate to the feeling in different things as well!
No need to say that as soon as it was done I wore it and styled it for the day. I just got these sandals (which are from a collaboration between N.21 and Kartell) from myself to myself for the end of the exams and I just love them with this dress. Considering both the pattern of the dress and the knot of the sandals I didn't really feel like wearing huge and quirky accessories (like I usually would) and I went for the cutest little earrings from astrophilia. Whenever I wear them I get so many compliments. It actually works kinda backwards for me. My friends are so used to me wearing the most eccentric and colorful accessories that they don't even notice them anymore but whenever I choose something smaller and less "extreme" I get their attention!
The bracelets are my usual go-to from when I was twelve and an other new addiction is my phone case. I got it a while ago from dessi deisgns but I haven't put it on till now cause I didn't want it to get   damaged for nothing during my exam period while I knew I could have been able to enjoy it way more during summer holidays!
Don't know about you but I really can't keep a phone cover clean and nice for long.. I usually destroy it in no more than a month and I'm way too lazy to change it as frequently as it needs so most of the time I just have old phone covers on..which is such a shame cause let be honest it's just an other thing when your phone looks clean and new.. the promise to myself is to try and treat it better.. it's just too cute to waste it!



  1. Wow! Amazing dress!😍😍😍


  2. Your style is always so cute and quirky~~

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